Third-Year Begins! :)

I’ve just started the third year of my degree- it’s scary to think that in 8 months time I’ll have letters after my name. It’s an exciting time- getting to do my own choice of modules, my own third-year project, and altogether being a more independent student.

To fill you all in, here’s what I’ll be doing this year:

Cognitive Neuropsychology- studying the functions of the brain, and what areas are linked to what functions. This is normally done by following people with brain damage, to see how the damage affects their cognitive processes.

Methods In Neuroscience Research- studying how neuroscientists can do research such as brain scans, eye-tracking and EEG, and what the limitations of current research methods are.

Psychopharmacology- the effects of drugs (both medical and recreational) on the brain, and some of the chemistry behind their effects.

Psychology of Consciousness- something a little bit different. In contrast to the other modules, this one is very philosophical, focusing on what the mind is, what consciousness is, and whether humans, animals and machines can be conscious.
And of course, there’s the research project.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

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