Beginning the Dissertation Odyssey…

A major part of the final university year is the research project, or dissertation- this is generally regarded as the most difficult element of a degree, and is often the part that’s dreaded most. Hopefully, it won’t be the stuff of horror that it’s made out to be, as I’d really like to get a First this year.

For anyone unused to uni terms- the dissertation is the biggest single piece of work in a degree (for my uni, its 25% of the final degree mark, worth as much as the entire second year of work). It’s a project pulling together the majority of what you’ve learnt over the last 3 years, and proving you have the ability to research, write and study effectively. In practical/lab subjects such as psychology, this is in the form of designing and carrying out your own study; analysing the data produced; and writing this up as an academic paper.

Easy to see why people are scared of it now, right?

I’ve decided on what my project is going to be about- an analysis of whether people’s scores on creativity tests can indicate how much creative stuff they’ve done in real-life- so now the first stage is finding a supervisor  (member of staff you can go to for advice), and waiting for the go-ahead.
Hopefully, this part should be smooth sailing, as my project won’t have any major ethical risks to delay its approval. So, this is looking to be off to a good start 🙂

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