Dissertation Progress Update- November

It’s now 2 months into the start of dissertation-mode – it seems like only a few weeks ago that I only had a fragment of an idea. It’s pretty scary how fast third-year goes, actually.
Getting the project ready to be started was a much longer process than I was expecting. Firstly, I procrastinated on getting a supervisor (off to a brilliant start there…) , so got randomly assigned one- luckily, she turned out to be a pretty good fit for the project.
However, I did have to evolve my idea- the original comparison of creativity scores to achievements was though to be too simple, so Revision #1 is including a comparison of intelligence scores and creativity scores against achievements. While more complicated, but it has led to some interesting research so far.

Then the methodology of the task got messed around because one of the tests I wanted to use couldn’t be found anywhere in uni- revision #2 is modifying it to only include one half of the test I wanted (the Verbal half of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, for anyone interested) and narrowing the hypothesis to focus more on people’s verbal IQ and verbal/literary achievements.

Another hurdle was not being able to find the creativity test I wanted either- it took almost two weeks to find a new test that would be both useful and reliable, but now I think it’s actually even better than the one I intended to use. So revision #3 has probably improved the research.

Setbacks like these show that research isn’t everything- the projects you can do still have the potential of being limited by things beyond your control like the facilities, staff,and even random events- for example, one of my friends may have to change his project as the lab he required was damaged by freak weather.

However, needing to change projects isn’t always a bad thing- redesigning and modifying the original plan started off as an inconvenience, but I’m ultimately glad I changed it, as its now got scope to be even better- definitely a good thing when 25% of my degree rests on it.

And as of last Thursday, the ethics application forms have been sent off- (even managed to get them sent in ahead of the deadline 🙂 ) – so its fingers crossed to see if the rest of the psychology staff think the new design is ok too.

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