Dissertation Update- February

The biggest dissertation news this month is that I’ve finally started data collection!
I’ve set about 50 separate time-slots for people to sign up to; my original plan was hoping they’d all sign up at once so I would have three weeks of living in the labs and then a month completely free to analyse and write up the data. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening- in fact, the majority of people this year are having a lot of trouble getting people to sign up.

It’s been a slow start in terms of getting participants- despite having so many slots up on the recruiting website, I’ve only had 2 participants this week.  However, one of them was nice enough to take the second part of the study to the library with her and complete it straight away, so I have one full person’s data.

While the experience of actually being an in-vivo researcher has been quite interesting so far, its also made me realise I’m a lot worse at being a scientist in practice than I am in theory. I got very socially awkward as I don’t really know the social protocol for being an experimenter, so due to nerves I ended up only giving my first participant one sheet of the information document instead of both sheets. That may have been slightly unethical… However,  she seemed ok with the mistake once I explained it, so it shouldn’t have had an effect.

The only other news of note is that my laptop has once again died…while this is not really a good time for this to happen, at least it wasn’t in April. Fortunately, the only thing lost is my finished Consciousness essay, so I’ve spent today trying to recover it. Typing an essay on a tablet is a frustrating process!

I’m going into uni tomorrow to meet my next 3 participants, so hopefully I shall be able to put all my rescued work onto my uni login and keep it safe. The rule about always keeping backups is a very good one!

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