Clan Banners

My first official clan “art project”is now done, which was making these banners 😛

These are sized to be useful for YouTube, Google+, and Twitch cover art, and I’ve also made a matching thumbnail art for each person, so those should be useful. 

I’m glad how these turned out; while they aren’t the most adventurous choice, and they didn’t require too many layers or techniques, they work well for their purpose.

The combination of using each member’s preferred colour but keeping a consistent font style and colour is something I like about the banners, because it helps them be individually different but still unified to an extent. Seeing all the banners together, it’s probably obvious they were made by the same person, thanks to the writing and the controller outline. 

However, there’s enough originality, due to the colour choices, personal outlines, and extra elements like brushes, that means they aren’t identical or (hopefully) generic.

I was aiming to make something that was simple and clean but still stood out, and this was relatively successful.

 Now I just need to find some more projects 😛

To see a banner in action, check out:

DigitalKobrakai  on YouTube. 

Another Menace on Twitch.

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