Guitar Hero vs Rock Band vs YouTube

The Guitar Hero and Rock Band series have been a major influence in what I love about gaming. They were the first games I could ever call myself legitimately good at; in fact, they were the first non-school area in which I had any confidence or ability.

For that reason, when I started game recording and spending more time with my friendship group of gamers, I wanted to make a Guitar Hero series. 
However, I could never work out what to do. While I would call myself fairly good, being able to pass almost all songs on Expert Guitar/Bass, and 5* most of them), pure performance videos wouldn’t be interesting. There are so many talented GH/ RB players on YouTube, as well as people doing something exceptional like getting 100% on all of the hardest songs, or something unique like making their own customs or playing multiple instruments simultaneously.

In my opinion,  there isn’t much worth to putting up an average run of the majority of songs. I could record that, but it would hold no interest to anyone.

I wanted to do something interesting, and if people learnt anything from it, that’s a bonus 😛

So my eventual plan was to take advantage of owning all the games across two consoles; to look at the songs popular enough to appear in more than one game, and to compare how the notechart was represented in both games.

It’s actually been really interesting to do, as some songs, like “One Armed Scissor” (left), are unexpectedly different, and really show the differences between how Harmonix (GH1/2 and RB1/2/3 developer), and Neversoft (GH: World Tour onwards) interpret the same songs.

From what I’ve seen on YouTube so far, two channels have used the same idea. The first moved on to Rocksmith and custom charts, so hasn’t upload any GH content for years. The second,in contrast, was solely focused on this topic, and became much more established than me, with 2,000 subscribers and one video with 2 million views.

So I’m not the first, but it’s an interesting project to have a look at anyway 🙂

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