New Intro Screen


Today’s challenge; a new general intro screen for clan videos.

When I was planning this out, I first thought of a spinning cog or gear to indicated the type of video, over a minimal background. We have 4 main types of video at the moment:

Play; most or all members play through a game together, with minimal editing.
Do; one or two members play through a game with moderate editing.
Fail; any amount of members, heavily edited. Focuses on funny mistakes, accidents or glitches.
Guide; one person presents a walkthrough of a small segment of a game.
???; videos that don’t fit into any of the existing categories.

The original “gear” plan changed, morphing into a game show-style spinning wheel which would land on the appropriate video type. I also added a “???” section for future videos outside of the existing categories.

Some parts of the process today were an improvement over my original plan. Instead of the original plain white/blue wheel, I turned the design of our font logo into a pattern file- this meant I could make a wheel that fitted in nicely with the logo, as well as adding layer styles to give it a brushed metallic effect.

Animating the spinning circle proved the most difficult part, as I couldn’t get the animation to stay centered. This turned out to be because my original circle and spokes weren’t perfectly accurate, and making a perfectly centered one took me an embarrassing 4 attempts. Animating of any kind is going to be difficult for me to get the hang of straight away, as it requires being exacting, making careful notes of how things fit together, their durations and timing. That’s an area I tend to struggle at, making a lot of careless mistakes.

So, my things to learn for next time are:

A way to consistently draw vector shapes- possibly Inkscape?.
Keyframing, and how to lock images position/scale in place so I don’t disrupt my frames.
Guidelines for smoother rotation.

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