Returning to the Wellbeing Service

Not only am I back at UWE, but back seeing the Wellbeing service. Initially, I was annoyed at myself for seeing them straight away – I was scared that going straight back to Wellbeing would push me closer to falling into exactly the same routine I had been in before.

Conversely, I was scared of being rejected or told I shouldn’t be using the service, fearing being thought of as faking it or not experiencing anything major. Asking for help in a non-crisis situation is new to me.

But I also knew that putting everything off isn’t the way forward, and there was always a chance of being able to explain myself to someone who understood. So I registered with the online Wellbeing survey anyway.

As the questionnaire is aimed at people experiencing issues right now, the questions didn’t make me feel any less worried. However, I quickly got an email back from them, inviting me to make an appointment for a first session to figure out what was going on.

So, back I go again.

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