Writing Science: Pitching

Day 2 of Writing Science was a crash-course in grammar, punctuation, and pitching.

Our first task was to translate the overly-complex and wordy phrases often used in academic language into simpler, more direct language- something I know a lot about doing but never remember to do. Blame 3 years of psychology papers.

Afterwards, we were tasked with writing pitches- for many of us, our first ever pitch.

My pitch is based on an academic research paper, and is aimed at a high-end broadsheet such as the Guardian.

Can the menopause guard against cancer?

Major life events such as puberty, pregnancy, and the menopause, seem to happen on their own schedule. Unfortunately, illnesses like cancer are equally unpredictable. A massive study analysing 70,000 women’s genes has shown how all these events may be connected.

The research shows that people who enter menopause early are less likely to get breast cancer than people with later menopause. The culprit appears to be a fault in genes that repair damaged DNA, so testing for these genes may be a solution. In future, scientists could possibly predict both when people are likely to go through the menopause, and how this affects their breast cancer risk.

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