Wellbeing Visit 2

That meeting went better than I expected. I completed the small tasks R had given me, and gave her honest feedback. I also told her about the week I’d had at uni, both the bad and good parts.

Talking about my experiences to her is still odd; I’m still trying to present myself a certain way, even while knowing the whole point of wellbeing meetings is honesty.
I’m not sure how she sees me, so I’m doing what I always do, expecting people to see failure, flaws and awkwardness.

Given what happened with C3, it makes sense that I’m wary, despite the wellbeing service being the most trustworthy place I’ve used so far.

The important part is that she understands why I want an official diagnosis, and says she’ll help me through getting one. She even phoned the CMS to see if they could fast-track me through the referral process. Unfortunately, we found that I do need to be referred by my GP, so that means getting back in contact with my GP surgery again. While I’m not a big fan of them thanks to a few experiences before, at least that’s a phone call I can handle myself.

So, my GP appointment is next Tuesday, and all I need to do now is work out how to ask for a referral in a way that makes sense to them. Hopefully, this will be the next step done in one go.

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