Wellbeing Visit 3 (and back to the GP).

When I phoned up to make the GP appointment, I was really surprised to find my original GP, the first one I saw 3 years ago, back at the practice. So I chose to start again with her- after the trouble I had switching from doctor to doctor before, trusting one person enough to route everything through them seemed the better option.

Luckily, that hope paid off- seeing her again instead of someone new was probably the best choice I could have made. Firstly, it meant she had a little knowledge of before, so she could ask useful questions to make sure that my return wasn’t because of the same issues as before.

Also, when I talked to the Pottergate Centre back in March, my results were sent to my GP surgery, but arrived at the surgery after she had left. I found out by chance a few weeks later that she had left, and assumed they were lost, which I regretfully let put me off from following up on the results.

When I went to my GP, the results had somehow returned from administrative limbo- this was really useful, as it gave me extra confidence to explain and may have also helped the GP decide.

Ultimately, it went well- my GP said she would be happy to refer me to the CMS, and would write to them. Now I just need to wait for them to get back to me.

Seeing as its not an emergency this time, I’m clueless how long that will take or how it works. But at least I’m getting somewhere.

I saw R a few days later to follow up, and she was happy that it worked so smoothly. While in this case I didn’t need her input to get the referral, I was only confident enough to ask for the referral because of her reassurance, so I’m really glad that I went back to Wellbeing.

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