Referral Update

I woke up yesterday to two voicemails from the CMS, saying they’d received my referral and wanted me to phone and set up an appointment. I found that surprisingly quick, considering it’s not an emergency this time.

Following it up meant making a phonecall to a stranger, something I can now do but am still not a fan of. Mainly because I never know how to open the conversation- give me a script and I’m ok. However, as I was staring at my phone figuring out what to say, they called me- that made things easier!
The nurse on the phone confirmed they’d received the referral, and that they wanted to offer an appointment, which was great. The next sentence, however, wasn’t so good; they asked if I wanted to see the same person as last time to make things easier. Considering the last person was C3, I really didn’t.

But I didn’t want to seem awkward or rude by asking to see someone else- I didn’t even see that as an option until after the call finished. So I agreed, and now C3 will be phoning me later to set up an appointment.

I don’t know how to feel about that yet- C3 is the person who realised dissociation was behind some of the other issues, so she has useful knowledge here. But knowing I’m seeing someone who didn’t understand how I came across and went to the wrong conclusions before makes me worried the same thing will happen again.

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