Anniversaries, Part 2

I was pretty worried about Thursday, but in the end the day went completely in the other direction. I got some brilliant news that morning in uni (see here), and was on a confused cloud 9 for the rest of the day.
The contrast between how today could have gone and what actually happened was so strong that it felt pretty surreal. I’m still questioning what my lecturer meant, how I managed to do something that successful, and what I actually did to deserve that level of feedback.

March 21st is the other potentially-bad date, where a more serious version happened. However, I’m going on holiday with friends that week, so the different environment might  be enough to kick me out of some of those thought loops. The fact that I will be with people instead of on my own could send the night in either direction, but I’m being optimistic. So far,  I’ve come out pretty lightly this year.

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