Volunteering: Freedom of Mind

Today I had my first proper meeting for Freedom of Mind (a mental health/wellbeing festival I’m volunteering at).

It turns out that we’ve grown a lot bigger than the organisers originally intended…there’s over 100 people involved now, which is really exciting. So there’s now a lot more organisation, structure etc that anyone expected. It’s going to be interesting to see how big this gets, and whether the goal of a small-scale Fringe festival happens.
It would be amazing to be part of something that big.

However, I’m also worried there’s nothing I’ll be able to actually help with. Most of the creative events are things I have no understanding of, such as spoken word performances and art installations. The rest are things that need people who can go up to strangers and connect with them,who are confident interacting and cold-calling, and can organise and follow-up requests. Those aren’t really skills I have.

Hopefully the mega-brainstorming session next month will bring up ideas and events that I can be useful for. I’m glad I volunteered, as this sounds really meaningful, but I don’t yet know anywhere that I can actually do something to help.

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