Project Progress #1

It’s dissertation-time again!

We had the option of applying for external projects, meaning working with an organisation to solve a problem they already have instead of coming up with our own idea. Most of us applied for one of the external projects, and luckily we mostly chose different ones so the majority of people got the one they wanted. My one was described as researching how academics look at the idea of “open science”; that’s an area I’ve read about before, so I knew I’d least have some idea what I was doing. It’s also based at UWE, so it probably shouldn’t be called an external project I guess.

Yesterday, I had my first meeting with the researcher I’ll be working with. She seems interested in a lot of topics I’ve wanted to look more into, and she’s also done a lot of research- in fact, pretty much the only research similar to my project is her own.

I’m not sure exactly what we’re doing yet, but I think we’re going to move towards open education in general than specifically open science. One suggestion is that we work on developing a questionnaire that can be validated, so that it can be used as a standard in future research, and can also be released an as open educational resource for academics to use.

As there’s so little research in the area, she has also said that the project could potentially take the conference and publishing route. That’s something I would really like to look at. Being part of one published paper was satisfying enough, despite having no role in the actual writing, just the experiments. Having a paper I personally wrote published would be an incredible feeling.

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