Volunteering: British Science Association

So  I finally remembered to attend a BSA meeting, after probably a year of reading the email chains but not participating.


Since the last time I went, there’s been plenty of turnover. Many of the people taking leading roles last year have moved away,  but there were also a lot of new faces at the meeting- for most, it was only their first or second meeting. Mostly, everyone was either a student, or already working in a scicomm or science role- I’m the only person studying scicomm but not working in it.

Most of the meeting focused on the events the BSA have planned over the next year, both the regular events such as science cafe’s, and bigger ideas such as next years film festival. While there were some unexpected ideas such as science busking (as one person there trains buskers), most events are still ultimately based on talks or discussions. I’m sure there have to be ways to go beyond relying on talks and speakers, that may interest a wider range of people, but I have no ideas of what they could be myself.


The most challenging idea we discussed was trying to set up a version of the Big Bang Fair  (a massive STEM careers fair in Birmingham) here in Bristol, to run during Summer 2017. This idea has a lot of potential, especially considering the amount of schools in Bristol.


Next up is the Bristol Science Film Festival, which is definitely running next year, as people have already started making films for it. So the aim next year is to make it more of a festival, rather than just the competition.(That was also the aim last year, but being run by one person meant there just wasn’t the time to expand the event). This years plan is to get a core team together, and to draw on the resources and contacts from last year, which should mean we get a bigger and better-promoted event.


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