Back To Uni!


After a year of saving up, I’m back at UWE for a Science Communication Msc.

So far it looks like an amazing opportunity, but also an incredibly scary one. The sheer amount of things I’m going to learn this year, and the amount of new experiences I’ll get to have, feels awesome. On the first teaching block, just being in a room with people who care about similar topics and ideas was enough to get me feeling more motivated.

On the other hand, I’m not confident in my ability to progress. I feel a bit overwhelmed by how challenging many of the assignments will be for me. Also, I feel like I rushed into the course; the other students are already older and have professional experience, while I only have my first degree and no evidence of what I can do.

So right now, I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing, or whether I’ll succeed. And not knowing isn’t something I’m good at.

Science Communication on Youtube: A Missed Opportunity?


While looking up different viewpoints for my last post on the definition of science communication, I noticed something unexpected;

I’m interested in science communication, and love to learn more about it.
I also spend a lot of time on YouTube, including on educational channels.
However, I’ve never used YouTube for finding out about scicomm specifically.

I didn’t know if it was just something I had overlooked, or if there was a reason for this. So I decided to investigate where YouTube stands on scicomm- whether its popular with science communicators, and whether science communication videos and channels are popular with Youtube users.


My first tactic was to go with the obvious; to search for “science communication” on YouTube and see what kind of channels and videos come up. As this is a likely approach for someone who has just heard the term “science communication” and wants to explore it, this seemed a sensible place to start.

I looked at the 5 most relevant channels and videos according to YouTube’s search algorithm, then the 5 highest viewed channels and videos. The results can also be found in infographic form here, and each of the images is a clickable link to the video/channel.


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